Sabroso: Tacos, Cervezas y Luchadores

Boisterous melodies of the mariachis playing, “canta no llores” greeted guests with a happy welcome into Sabroso. I eagerly flocked towards the multiple craft beer offerings to find the perfect beer and taco pairing. Everything from authentic, traditional barbacoa tacos, to Asian inspired steam buns were available to eat (in addition to the many food trucks). All the tasty eats were accompanied by a bevy of beverage options. Everyone from viejo (craft beer founders) breweries like Sierra Nevada to nuevos such as Unsung were there to wet the palate. Speaking of food and beer…


Tacos Mas Mejor 

El Mercado/Anepalcos 

Although other vendors served up some pretty tasty tacos, El Mercacado/Anepalcos offered one of the most authentic tacos at the festival.



Native-born Mexican Chef Danny Godinez, the talented mind behind Anepalcos in Orange, served up tortillas ‘ a la plancha’ from scratch, generously filling them up steaming delicious shredded barabcoa. Fork tender braised beef garnished with onions, cilantro, and tomatillo salsa paired perfectly with TAPS, ‘El Moreno’ dark mexican lager; the slow braised meat highlighted the full-bodied caramel malt notes of the beer.

In comparison Sierra Nevada’s – Otra Vez (brewed with nopales + grapefruit) cut the meaty fatiness of the barbacoa, while highlighting the fresh vegetal flavors of Godinez’s house-made tomatillo salsa.





Modern Times (San Diego, CA)

Fruitlands Apricot Gose – ABV 4.8%

Comparable to a traditional gose this beauty packs a bold invigorating fruity tart punch on the palate reminiscent of mexican tamarindo candy. Fruitlands quenches any sour beer lovers thirst for effervescent funk with with a plethora of succulent apricots.

Good Beer Company (Santa Ana, CA)


Isla – ABV 4.8%

An uber refreshing spelt saison with bright tartness, pleasant acidity and dry finish. Funk and earthy wild yeast tones reign true in this brew – perfect on a tepid summer afternoon or with a plentiful bowl of citrusy elote.

Clown Shoes (Ipswich, MA)

Chocolate Sombrero – ABV 9%

A Decadent Imperial Stout brewed with dark and chocolate malts, ancho chiles, vanilla extract. Viscous. Bold. Chocolatey. Similar to a tenaciously robust luchador striking down his opponent in stride.

Unsung Brewing (Tustin/Anaheim, CA)

Propeller Head – ABV 6%

Coffee addicts will fall head over heels for this smooth coffee infused amber ale. Roasty aromas of Hidden House coffee beans hit the nose while malt features give off rich toffee flavors on the palate. Two words. Brunch & Propeller Head!

TAPS  Fish House & Brewery (Brea, CA)


Hooya – ABV 7%

American Strong Ale brewed with Dates, Figs aged on American Oak, this bold beer had the Mouthfeel and flavor profile of deep, rich chocolate. Definitely a sipper, and one you could nurse over the course of a long, relaxing night.

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