In the Land of Hops & Honey

TAPS Fishouse & Brewery – Mass Hive DIPA with Massey Honey – ABV 8.2%


Summer is here, and along with it comes sweet hoppy nectar straight from TAPS Fishouse & Brewery. TAPS brew team (Kyle Manns, Jonathan Chiusano, & Dave Huls) have unleashed this buzzing brew in collaboration with Massey Honey Company and it’s the bee’s knees! It easily pleases and teases with its effervescent summer breeze. This luscious DIPA honey is generously brewed with 60 pounds of local orange blossom honey and copious amounts of Amarillo, Galaxy, Mosaic and Crystal hops. Resinous hoppiness from the hops and smooth sweetness attributed by the honey complete a balanced bittersweet taste the quenches summer thirst. Take caution in quenching it, however: this beer rings in at a deceptive 8.2%. Grab a friend and grab this oasis of a drink in the desert of the summer.





Head Brewer Jonathan Chiusano expanded on this specialty brew:

Mass Hive was a collaborative effort between the three of us. We wanted to do a honey DIPA, but make it more fruit forward to accommodate the floral characteristics of the orange blossom honey. I chose The front runner of a hop as Mosaic, known for its berry and papaya characteristics. The Amarillo and Galaxy blend give a resinous and citrus peel component to the flavor and aroma.

Not only does the honey give the floral, fresh orange blossom character, it also rounds out the beer as a whole. The honey is 100% fermented out , so there is no residual sweetness, only flavor. The three of us love our IPAs dry as a bone, with very little crystal malt character, so brewing with honey in a DIPA was definitely a unique and exciting experiment for us. Ensuring the honey was well-harmonized with the hop bill was key.

Massey’s honey is definitely of top-tier quality, and we believe it shows itself well in the beer. Drinks at 8.2% abv, yet the alcohol is well-hidden.

Beer & Cheese Pairing

As if this beer isn’t perfect enough here Barley Buzzed Cheddar will elevate the nature of this beer. . .

Barley Buzzed


If you snack on anything along with this beer, I highly encourage that it be this sharp cheddar. With a pleasant nutty flavor, it’s made from pasteurized jersey cow’s milk and rubbed with finely ground espresso beans, coffee beans, and lavender. Mass Hive and it’s earthy hop profile delicately slices through the low butterfat content of the cheddar, while the robust nature of coffee offset and highlight bright notes of orange blossom honey, finishing with lavender complimenting the bittersweet nature of the beer. Hops. Honey. Coffee. Heaven.


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