Calling All Craft Beer & Comic Book Nerds: Unsung Brewing Opens 8/5/16!

In a world where local draft systems have become ever-competitive playing fields amongst breweries, beer must stand out, become known, and capture interest in not only the buyer, but the mass audience who craves the NEW. The new talent that is Unsung Brewing awakens the childhood spirit within us; with playful yet striking hop-centric artwork and Star Wars collectibles placed near luminous glassware. Unsung’s taproom is fit for the craft beer and comic book nerd alike.


Brewer Interview with Mike Crea & Ryan Hunt .  .  .


Unsung Brewing C0. Founder Mike Crea


Kristi Crea, Mike Crea + Family

Nearly a limitless variety of refreshingly thirst-quenching, nectarous and approachable beers are on tap ready for all to enjoy. Here’s a few beers to look forward to on opening day!

Buzzman – ABV 5.2%



Buzzman is a bright hybrid cream-ale style made made by fermenting at lager temperatures to create a clean, bright mouthfeel. At first sip this Mutant American Ale is earthy with pleasant hints of honeysuckle and mild hop character – Ends crisp and light with a balanced aftertaste. A perfect summer beer to pair along with goat cheese, shellfish and thai cuisine.

Propeller Head – ABV 6%


Coffee addicts will fall head over heels for this smooth coffee infused amber ale. Roasty aromas of Hidden House coffee beans hit the nose while malt features give off rich toffee flavors on the palate. Three words. Brunch/BBQ & Propeller Head!



Ryan Hunt + Mike Crea of Unsung Brewing C0.
Strike a Superhero pose!


Unsung opens it’s passageway of BEER wonders this Friday at 5pm!

500 S. Anaheim Blvd

Anaheim, CA 92805

For more grand opening details visit link below. . .

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