Brew Ha Ha 2016 – A Preview Taster

It’s that time of year again – not Christmas, but close. Summer’s end brings with it the seventh annual Brew Ha Ha Craft Beer Festival – where adults have all the fun! Get ready for another round of ales, food, music, and all-around good times at Orange County’s premiere beer festival. Like every year, this one brings new breweries, new eateries, and other small tweaks to enhance the experience. With over 90 breweries pouring north of 250 beers, there’s no way for a single person to tackle it all – fortunately, there are some highlights of ‘must-have’ beers to help guide you through the labyrinth of ales. To top all of that off, this year features two special guest speakers – Alesmith’s Anthony Chen (Lead Brewer + Brewing/Cellar Manager) and Firestone Walker’s “Sour Jim” will take the stage to impart some knowledge. So grab your sunscreen, hail and Uber, and get down to Oak Canyon Park for the summer’s finale!


The official festival Collaboration (AleSmith Brewing Company + Bottle Logic) beer ‘Stable Orbit DIPA’ brewed with a plethora of South African will debut at next Saturday’s fest!

Visit the event website for all the details!



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