Everyone’s Abuela: DTSA Good Beer Company’s ‘Not Your Grandma’s Cerveza’

 Thanksgiving evokes memories with my Abuela because she’s full of warmth, tart – along with being uber feisty. Good Beer Company’s vibrant farmhouse blonde ale (also known as “Abuela”) is aged in Central Coast Winery pinot noir barrels. TLC and instinctive maturation of this sour has resulted in it not only picking up elegant vinous and tannic character, bus has also have given it a refined citrus tartness, and a dry finish that scrubs the palate clean.


Abulea – ABV 7%


This farmhouse blonde ale rests in pinot noir barrels before it makes its way to you. Abuela shows her age in a refined manner – if Hellen Mirren were a beer, this would be her (Betty White is more of an IRS – or maybe a habanero IPA?). It’s full bodied enough to be certainly recognizable as beer, with a gentle, funky character that any experienced beer drinker would recognize as a wild farmhouse ale. But the wine aging takes it a step up, imbuing gentle tart, sweet, and smooth notes to the already comfortable beer. It’s the difference between an ‘OK’ mattress and a good one – sure, you can enjoy the former, but the latter feels soooooo much better.

We’re thankful for powerful husband + wife #BrewTeams like Brandon Fender + Robyn Spevacek! Happy Thanksgiving!



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