Noble Ale Works 24K Juice: Ultra Dank-Hazy-Juicealicious Double IPA

Once upon a time, in my youthful days, on the rare, perfect occasion, I would spend the earliest hours of the day (and sometimes the nights before), seeking out that thing (toy, doll, movie, etc.) that I just had to have. When something truly special came along – Backstreet Boys Tickets, American Girl Dolls, Beanie Babies – you just had to have it. As I grow older, the appeal fades – maybe it’s the fact that I’ve seen a lot more. Maybe it’s the fact that online shopping means I don’t have to go on a camping trip to get what I want. No matter the reason, I always assumed that feeling was dead.

I assumed wrong.

Noble Ale Works has rekindled the great tradition of our fathers (and their fathers, and their fathers, and probably then his mother, and then two more fathers, and then a mother again) – the great tradition of parking your ass in line (it’s a widely believed fact that this tradition has been handed down to us from the British – simply ask one about the proprieties of ‘queueing’). You might think after a couple hours in the cold that it’s not really worth it. You’ll feel a certain sense of despair – did I get here early enough? Will I get my allocation? What if (godforbid) they run out? – It’s just beer so everyone will be okay #ListenBeerGeeks in the end.

Noble Aleworks Photo

All of these were things I felt, jacket on, phone in hand, sitting on a folding chair parked on the pitch of the Noble parking lot.

But then it happens – a shutter. A subtle wave washes over the crowd. Everyone takes a step forward.

And then stops, for another twenty minutes. False alarms are nothing new.

If you’ve stuck with it, your faith will be rewarded. Slowly, but surely, the line lurches forward – across the back warehouse, down an alley, around the u-turn, and into the warehouse. Step up. Order. Pick up.

And just like that, you’ve got gold in hand. 24 karat gold to be exact. Well, 24K Juice to be exactly exact.

24K juice is an ultra dank-haze-juicealicious Double IPA with a lush torrent of hops that lives up to its name. It lingers (parties?) on the palate, flinging hoppy bling. Your tongue should get up on that chrome pole – 24K Juice is making it rain.


This weekend Noble Ale Works unleashes the next can release from their fermentors of hop wonders. Be ready. Be thirsty. Go platinum.

For more info click below

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