A Pint of Love: ‘Hug Me’, Barley Forge’s Chocolate Milk Stout

My mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates – it’s better with beer.

With that spirit, I’d posit that nothing says Valentine’s Day like Barley Forge’s Chocolate Milk Stout, ‘Hug Me’. Velvety. Smooth. Decadent. This rich chocolate milk stout will satiate any chocolate lovers palate – well, satiate for a small amount of time. Believe me, you’ll want more.


Hug Me’ is brewed with a lavish amount of chocolate, black and crystal malts to provided roasted malty character. After the brewing, cocoa nibs are added, creating a luxurious body and to heighten robust chocolate notes.dsc_0798dsc_0729dsc_0694

So, ditch that box of cliché chocolates. Instead, cozy up with a tall glass (or growler (or keg?)) of ‘Hug Me’ – a non-traditional Valentine’s gift for yourself and/or for that special someone in your life. But say you want to step it up a bit. Gild the lily. Drop into your local cheese shop and select a wedge of Fourme D’Ambert bleu. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk in Auvergne, this buttery beauty is ripe with sweet cream and an herbaceous, mushroomy character that stands up to the decadent flavor of the beer. This one will make a convert out of even the most fervent bleu cheese hater.


Hug Me, Bleu Cheese, and Roses. Barley Forge has one piece of the trifecta to give you a cozy night in – away from crowds and waiting for a reservations on the busiest date night of the year – Valentine’s Day dsc_0809dsc_0740Suggested Pairings: Foie Gras, Honeycomb, Mast Brothers Almond Butter Chocolate, Bleu Cheese, Roasted Duck, Venison, Chantilly Cake & Bread Pudding.

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