Celebrate National Cheese Day With Funky Pairings

Harry Tuttle – Barley Forge Debuts First Foeder Saison

Given its namesake from the an iconoclastic freelance thermodynamic engineer in a fantastic (read:1985) dystopian film, this beer fulfill’s its style – and provides everything you would expect from a traditional Saison. It’s rustic, woodsy and pleasantly tart flavors are apropos for lazy afternoons.  Barley Forge’s Head brewer Kevin Buckley has fashioned this Saison with traditional old-farmhouse ingredients: flaked rye, wheat, flaked oats and Belgian pilsner malt. This rustic ale quenches your thirst for farmhouse funk, but surprises with dry earthy character on the finish. After the requisite TLC of primary fermentation is complete, the beer is transferred to an oak foeder where it is conditioned for six long months with a unique strains of Brettanomyces – giving it a gently, tenderly deserved flavor.


Rustic Saisons & Goat Cheese (Chévere)

Much like a farmhouse saison, an artisan cheese takes time to reach it’s full potential. To that end, Monthchévere Boucheron goat cheese takes about 10 weeks to mature to it full bodied bright, tangy and velvety smooth glory. Montchevre takes it’s base resources, and elevates them to a new level – a high quality goat’s milk; an unctuous log of goat cheese, which can highlight any cheese board; a welcome companion to many funky ales. Better hope it comes in pints – this cheese packs more than enough by the ounce.


Speaking of farmhouse flavors – my go-to paring for any rustic wild sasion is a fresh goat cheese (much like the aforementioned). But variety is the spice of life, right? So whether it be Mary Keen’s ash ripened beauty (the formidable Humbolt Fog) or Vermont Creamery’s wrinkled rinded Bonne Bouche (goat brie), I know I’m in for a treat. Here’s how it lines up with the aforementioned beer: Harry Tuttle’s citrusy and woodsy flavors intensify and stand up to the tangy smooth nature of Bucheron. While Tuttle oxidizes and mellows in intensity as it matures, the flavors in cheese tend to awaken and become more robust, tangier and funkier when left at room temperature. There’s a Hendrix-esque dissonance in the flavor – while the fundamental marriage of harmonious of saisons and goat cheeses lines up just right, there’s a bitter, more intense, fanciful element that grinds against the grain – in a beautiful way.

Oh, but there’s more.

Take the above, and pair it up with a Cherry Jam. The tartness/sweetness/(Cherry-ness?) takes the whole thing to a new level.

By all means, don’t feel restricted by the above – take the inspiration of the flavor and craft your own future.



Contrasting & Elevating Accoutrement

So what can we do to gild the lily? To choose chai spiced marcona almonds choose page 349; for apricot gose compote choose to page 646. Well dear reader, choose your own adventure.

Grab some fresh new crowlers of Harry Tuttle Saison and pick up some goat cheese to celebrate National Cheese Day on June 4th!


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