Tustin Brewing Company Turns 21!

Ode To A True Alesman

Against the tides of boiling wort
This paddle tells a tale;
A man, a myth, a brewery –
“Bro, got Pliny on sale?”

My chair is warm, my heart ice cold –
Seeks to shut this fool down.
‘Cause the Truest of the Alesman
Always prefer Old Town.

This loyal mug, brimming with ale
Kentucky Hugs & CO2
Pick a tap – pick any tap
Of some good ol’ Tustin Brew


Tustin Brewery Turns 21!

A monumental celebration of twenty one years in the craft brewing industry is beyond impressive! In 1996 a thriving young and hungry Jason Jeralds dreamed of bringing great beer to the heart of Orange County. Twenty-one years later, Jeralds has built an impressive brew team: True Alesman and Brewmaster Jerrod Larsen proudly brews and serves award winning beers everyday. Locals and newcomers have fallen hoppily in love with beers such as BBA Kentucky Hug, Galaxy Hopper, Old Town, Tailgater, Bourbon OE & Jon Flanders. Larsen contines to brew some amazing world-class beers in his arsenal for those craft beer drinkers who call TBC their happy homestead.


TBC’s 21st Anniversary Party Double IPA is available now! It clocks in at 8.5 % generously dry hopped with a plethora of Citra, Mosaic & Amarillo hops. Brewed in collaboration with Artifex Brewing Company.

Tustin Brewing Co. 21st Anniversary Party

For more info on tomorrow’s festivities click link below. . .



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