Close Encounters of The Hazy Kind

A few brave Haze-trounats venture out in space seeking the JUICE…

Legends have foretold its coming…

Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids?

Why Was Stonehenge built?

What ended the Mayan civilization?

They say it’s out there…

Is the JUICE out there!?

Far and wide into the vast abyss of space they travel

Dodging tumultous astroids & monsters of space

Tired & Thirsty for a supremely JUICY abduction

Leagues upon leagues the JUICE is nowhere to be seen


Find the JUICE at Noble Ale Works for a tasty fullfillment of pure haze with this transmission. . .

Click the link if your tastebuds are in search for the JUICE.
Tickets go live this Wednesday 9/27 at 3:30pm with a pick up window of Thursday at 9/28 to Sunday 10/1.





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