The Creature From The Murk Lagoon Arises on Halloween!

Something wicked this way comes from murk the lagoon. A slimy devilry emerges from the depths just in time for Halloween. Noble Ale Works team of trusty brewers have conjured up a duo of spooky beers to haunt your tastebuds.

Gosebusters – ABV 4.8%

“I ain’t afraid of no Gose” – Bill Murray


This salty gose – infused with magnolia oolong tea is fit for gosebusters far-and-wide who crave pleasant tartness with gentle biting flavors at sips end. At just 4.8% this beer is a refreshing treat that won’t haunt you the next day. Six pack of cans are available in the tasting room through Halloween. Treat yourself while they last!


Creature From The Murk Lagoon – ABV 9.4%

Julie Adams and the Gill Man in CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, 1954.

Ode To The Creature From The Murk Lagoon 

Through the clouds of foggy haze
Lies a creature so vile — so green — so gluttonous

It feeds on verdant hops below the surface of the swamp
While glowing green slime oozes from its bulbous veins

Ooey gooey swamp creature from the lagoon

IMG_5560 2

Why must you hide beer from me?

Share the murk with those who dare
To venture into your home.


Tasting Notes 

Who do you ask is this prehistoric swamp creature? A fiend that succumbs to 9.4% dankness and devours all resinous hops in sight. Vibrant flavors of citrus envelop your palate while Citra and Amarillo hops pivot you towards deep dankness. Tropical notes invite you into the swamp seeking more murk beyond the depths.

Dare to drink with the creature from murk lagoon?

Take a sip and sink down. . .




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