Jump on The Burlington Bandwagon to Hazeville 

In a world full a hazy IPAs, there is one plain evident truth – not all hazy IPA’s are created equal. Often times you hear that one instance of this newly adopted style (no, seriously – the Brewers Association now officially recognizes it as a separate style) tastes the same as the next. There are only a handful of local breweries turning out examples of this category that set themselves apart from the masses. Enter Artifex – this San Clemente brewery continues to produce high-quality hazy beers that highlight hop profiles selected by head brewer Johnny Johur. For you naysayers of this style, pick up this ale to get a feel for the finer varietals of this style, because the haze is here to stay!


Burlington Bandwagon 

Hazy IPA | 8.0 % ABV 

Everyone’s drinking it! Jump on the Burlington Bandwagon and get trippin’ on pure unadulterated haze for days. Mosaic hops lend bright notes of earthy pine while Citra hops break through the clouds with citrus overtones. A backbone of flaked wheat, oats, and barley provide a surprising, luscious mouthfeel, providing some malt body to balance the hop haze. Add in some London 3 yeast and bam – you’ve got hazy IPA!


Trigger Finger

IPA – American | 7.3% ABV

While enjoying a hazy IPA is all well and good, sometimes you just want the classics. Long-time Hop heads will be sure to welcome the return of an Artifex fan-favorite, Trigger Finger. This ultra fresh IPA, brewed with a plethora of hops, releases a dank harmony of intense hop flavor on your palate. It’s pretty damn satisfying to drink some clear beer after being in a haze (as pleasant as that haze may be). This West Coast Style IPA is dry-hopped with Cascade, Mosaic and Chinook, and  pairs well with good friends, lazy Sundays, and sunsets. 



Can Release Details 

This duo can release with be available this Saturday, April 7th at noon.

  • Burlington Bandwagon | $20.00 | per 4-pack 
  • Trigger Finger | $16.00 | per 4-pack

Coming Soon 

Keep an eye out for the latest batch of GABF bronze medal winner Artifexican Mexican Lager! 


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