CBC World Beer Cup Competition: OC Beer Entries!

As our local beloved brewers make their way to Nashville for CBC World Beer Cup, this week stirs up a bit of excitement — and in that excitement: hope, stress and suspense – brewers waiting with bated breath for the judgment handed down. We live in a great country where beer is appreciated – and even though the market is becoming saturated, that’s not slowing anyone down.

World Beer Cup is a bit like the American version of Oktoberfest (and GABF) – while our compatriots in Germany celebrate their great tradition of – well – brewing the best damn lagers the world has ever seen, we take a swing at it with the World Beer Cup. This prestigious beer competition, like its trans-Atlantic counterpart, brings together those who enjoy beer, celebrate it, and, hell, just want to have a good time.
The devil (and Nashville honky tonk) is really in the details.

At World Beer Cup traditional beer styles are not only celebrated in their native terroir but are now celebrated worldwide. It’s about being excellent at tradition. And about being traditionally untraditional. It’s both an experimental space, where anything goes, and a tightly run ship, where nobody gets free passage.

There will be chatter, chamber whispers of who will be decorated – with medals (upon medals, upon medals…etc.), but, without doubt, all the hard work that brewers do across the country to provide us great American made craft beer cannot be sufficiently appreciated. May the beer gods be ever in your favor, Orange County entrants!

saturdaze_instagram1080 (3)

Here’s a brief list of what some OC breweries have entered into GABF 2017!


Tustin Brewing Company


Portola Coffee Stout
Golden Spike Light Ale
Clutch’s American Wheat | 2 Time War Veteran

Unsung Brewing Company 


Propeller Head American Amber with coffee
MetaPlex IPA
Muncher Octoberfest
Brose Oatmeal Stout
Naturia DIPA
Tetra Imperial Red IPA

Artifex Brewing Company


Artifexican Mexican Lager
Artifexit English IPA
Bog Trotter Irish Red
HoliDAVE American Imperial Stout

Barley Forge Brewing Company 


Patsy Coconut Stout
Harry Tuttle
Grandpa Tractor Dortmunder Lager
Black Dahlia

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