Back When Things Were Better

Any attempt to fully quantify the qualities of beer is a task worthy of Sisyphus – and endless attempt to get to an end, where no such end may exist. But the beauty is in the work; I’m sure that the best brewmasters can tell you that the sweet scents from the mash exist (at minimum) on par with that first sip of the pint.

I find it fascinating to always rewind that tape – to roll back the fermented history and see where we’ve all come from. But there are also times where we need to hit fast-forward – to push the boundaries of what is, to stake out new territory – or just to plant the proper flag of how things ought to be. So here’s my flag.

Beer is Diverse. Beer is Inclusive. Beer holds no prejudice.

If you agree, advocate your support for BLM and BIPOC. Every simple statement of support is a hearbeat in this movement’s life.

What does BIPOC stand for?

BIPOC stands for “Black, Indigenous, People Of Color.” The term “people of color” stemmed from “colored people” and was a way of taking back a racist phrase and using it to humanize its subjects by putting “people” up front.

Listen, Investors. Business Owners. Brewers.

Silence is complicity.  

Since the release of the horrific George Floyd’s murder video, some breweries locally have been vocalizing their support of Black Lives Matter movement through Instagram posts, signing petitions, calling their representatives, and more. One vital way these breweries can act more directly make the craft beer industry a more diverse and welcoming community is by actively spending your money at Black-owned breweries and breweries who acknowledge that BLM.

Statements in support of Black Lives Matter from Industry Leaders

Buckley Brewing Company (Santa Ana)

Buckley Brewing was founded on the base belief that we wanted to change the world through what we knew, beer. Now, more than ever, what the world needs is change, and simply making beer isn’t good enough. Racism is the disease that creates the cancers of our society. The cancer that is the KKK. The cancer that is police brutality. The cancer that is hate and bigotry. And what do you do when faced with cancer? You FIGHT. Someone made the comment to me recently, “I think there’s been enough outrage over all this, don’t you?” The answer is NO. There isn’t enough outrage in the world for the injustices POC have had to endure. Statements like that prove there STILL isn’t enough outrage. There wasn’t enough outrage the thousands of times this has happened before. And there won’t be enough outrage until people like that finally feel it too. The road ahead is a hard one, but nothing compared to the roads POC has had to walk their whole lives. We were born into our privilege. As a white woman, I’ve never feared being pulled over. But the America I live in has me in fear. I fear for my teenage son whose skin color and features resemble that of his Guatemalan father. I fear that his sarcastic nature and the fiery spirit I instilled in him will earn him a knee to the neck. I fear the thought of my son calling out for me as he is murdered by those without enough training and too much power. But more than my fear is my outrage.

We won’t stop fighting. We won’t stop screaming these injustices at the top of our lungs. We won’t stop protesting. We won’t stop until the outrage becomes to change and the cancer is gone. Tear the statues down. Vote out the racists. Defund the police. Don’t sit silently while your racist family members go off on another tangent. Stand up for those who need you. Stand up for those who don’t have a voice. Make racists feel like the cancer they are. Make them feel alone. Because they are. There is no place for them here. You’re not welcome in our America.

We understand that we will never understand. But we are listening, we are learning and will FIGHT until the cancers of our society are GONE. Racism isn’t political. It’s right from wrong. We know where we stand and we stand with YOU. Buckley Brewing may still be just an idea for us, but we know that change starts from within, and we are committed to it. BLACK LIVES MATTER. 

Brad Kominek of Noble Aleworks

Brad has been an arduous advocate for BLM and BIPOC movements. Our discussions run deep, so I won’t quote them verbatim here – but suffice it to say that he cares deeply about these movements.

RIIP Brewing (Huntington Beach)

Myself and the entire team at riip Beer support the Black Matters Movement.

We stand the solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color have disproportionately experienced systematic and institutionalized racism racism for too long.

The recent events we have witnessed are beyond disturbing and unacceptable.

We support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and all who fight systematic oppression on a daily basis.

We vehemently condemn racism, discrimination- isms, and injustices worldwide. We stand as agents of peace, unity, love.

Ryan & RIIP Team

Bootlegger’s Brewing (Fullerton/Redlands Costa Mesa)

Here at Bootlegger’s Brewery, we’ve always thought of you, not as customers but FAMILY.

And family sticks together.

We are working on ways to become better allies each and every day.

This isn’t a trend, this is real life. We don’t have all the answers. We’ll probably make a few mistakes. But we’re going to try our hardest.

The first step is taking the time to educate our team and find ways we can help you, our family.

We are open to more ideas on how we can help, we’re all ears. We’d love for anyone to let us know how we can do better. 

Tianna Winters of Bottlegger’s Brewing

List of local breweries who support BLM

Stereo Brewing (Placentia)

Beachwood Brewing (HB)

RIIP Brewing (HB)

Gamecraft Brewing (Laguna Hills)
Noble Ale Works (Anaheim)
Unsung Brewing (Anaheim)
Gunwhale Ales (Costa Mesa)
Bootleggers Brewing (Fullerton/Costa Mesa/Redlands)

Pizza Port (SD/OC)
Asylum (Anaheim)
Artifex Brewing (San Clemente)
Brewing Reserve of California (Costa Mesa)
Cismontane (Santa Ana)
Karl Strauss
Anaheim Brewing

(Last updated on 7/20/20)

After reaching out, we’re still awaiting responses from:

  • Brewery X (Anaheim)
  • Joe Manzanilla (TAPS)

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